Glitch Blockchain Documentation

Before proceed, please read the following instructions!

  • The purpose of this documentation is to show how to use different aspects of the Glitch blockchain. The Glitch Blockchain Foundation is not liable for any issues that may arise related to this documentation.
  • DO NOT use a home or work computer to stake Glitch. We recommend using a reliable cloud server.
  • This documentation will show you how to access your wallet using a home computer. There is always a chance that your wallet can be compromised by malware or a hack. It is very important to create a secure backup of your wallet and personal key.
  • DO NOT share your wallet file or your private key with anyone. Doing so will compromise any funds you have on the Glitch blockchain. No one at the Glitch Blockchain Foundation will ever ask you for your private key or wallet details.
  • All transactions on the Glitch blockchain are atomic and irreversible. Be sure to enter the correct receiver address before initiating any transactions.
  • Qtumand Glitch Blockchain are open-source software. They are provided as-is with no warranties.
  • You are solely responsible for your own security. Ensure you follow every step and confirm all transaction details when using the Glitch blockchain.