Add|Remove|Onetry Node

addnode "node" "add|remove|onetry"

If you want to connect your wallet with known node server you can use this command.

Output will be nothing:

  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add

Glitch-qt returns "null" after each

backupwallet "destination"

The path with a filename required for this command. This command work only if wallet is fully decrypted. glitch-qt will returns "null", glitchd returns nothing.

On Windows:

backupwallet "C:\Users\(username)\Desktop\Backup\backup2029-08-21.dat"


bumpfee "txid" ( options )

Bumps the fee of a transaction, replacing it with a new transaction by adjusting the change.

bumpfee "txid"

"origfee": 0.00090500,
"fee": 0.00092061,
"errors": [

callcontract "address" "data" ( address )


  1. "address" (string, required) The account address.
  2. "data" (string, required) The data hex string.
  3. address (string, optional) The sender address hex string.
  4. gasLimit (string, optional) The gas limit for executing the contract


Clear all banned nodes IPs. Glitch-qt returns "null", glitchd gives no response.