GLITCH Wallet Best Practices

We recommend the following steps to safely and effectively use your Glitch wallet:

  1. Encrypt your wallet with a strong passphrase using the Wallet Encryption function.
  2. Create a paper backup of your passphrase and store it somewhere safe. If you lose or forget your passphrase, your wallet will be locked forever.
  3. Create an encrypted backup of your wallet using the Wallet Backup function.
  4. Store your wallet backup in a safe location so that it can not be removed or tampered with. You can create multiple backups of your wallet and store them in separate locations.

How to accomplish the above steps:

Wallet Encryption

To secure and Encrypt your wallet, this function is used. You just need to set a passphrase for your wallet. Once you set a passphrase, the wallet will get locked. Your wallet will receive coins, you can check transaction details but can't send/transfer fund. Its highly recommended that keep your passphrase safe and don't forget. Once you forget the passphrase, your Fund will get locked forever.

Wallet Backup and Restore wallet backup

These functionalities are used to take a backup of wallet addresses in encrypted form and restore wallet from backup files.