Glitch Core Wallet Commands

To give total control of the wallet and blockchain transactions, Glitch core provides set of commands. Glitch Core wallets command can usable in following suituations:

  • Wallet that is already running.
  • First time starting up a wallet.

You can use commands by RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) or on the command line to the glitchd server wallet or given to the glitch-qt desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface) wallet.

Console Commands :

To use console commands it required glitchd server wallet, which doen’t have graphical user interface.

Total number of commands are 136 with 112 from bitcoin. 13 "hidden" commands which are used by advance user/developers.

Each and every commands used with required or optional parameters and parameters are entered in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.

Parameters for these commands are hashes of block, Glitch addresses, smart contract addresses, etc. Some commands allows you to get a response for a block or transaction have an optional parameter "minconf" (minimum confirmations).

Advanced interfaces to the Glitch Core wallet (full node) integrated with these "console commands" as RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) on a dedicated port connection.

To manage the local node and perform various operational functions, The client node offers a JSON-RPC interface over HTTP sockets which is running on dedicated port on server IP.

Command groupings that are useful for many tasks:

  • For Peer Connections: getnetworkinfo, getpeerinfo, getconnectioncount, addnodes.
  • For Staking: getwalletinfo, getstakinginfo, getnetworkinfo.
  • For Sending: sendtoaddress, sendmany, listaddressgroupings, sendmanywithdupes.
  • For Raw Transactions: crearterawtransaction, signrawtransaction, combinerawtransactoins, sendrawtransaction.
  • For Smart Contract Transactions: createcontract, callcontract, sendtocontract, getstorage, searchlogs, waitforlogs, getaccountinfo.