QT Wallet Tutorial

Once you open a Glitch wallet you will see the following information:


  • Available: Funds available for transfer.
  • Pending: Funds that are awaiting confirmation by miners.
  • Total: Available + pending funds.

Other Tokens

If you own any tokens other than GRC20, they will appear here withyour balances and contract information.


This panel displays any incoming and outgoing transactions that have taken place. The Transactions display also includes staked coins.

Basic wallet Menu

  • Send
  • Receive
  • Smart Contract
  • Transactions


The Send panel includes three settings:  

Pay to: Enter the recipient’saddress. The address will be automatically validated using the Glitch blockchain.

Label: A custom name, tag, or description for your payment.

Amount: The value of Glitch-coin you want to send.

Click ‘Send’ when you are ready to send funds.


The Receive panel allows you to request funds or payments into your wallet from one or more senders. This will automatically create a wallet address for you when you click ‘Request Payment.’ The popup message displays your Glitch wallet address and its QR code.


The Transactions panel offers a detailed view of historical transactions to/from your wallet. 

Wallet Encryption

The Wallet Encryption function enables you to secure and encrypt your wallet. Create a passphrase to lock your wallet. You will still be able to receive coins and check transaction details, but sending funds from your wallet requires your passphrase.

Note: We highly recommend that you keep your passphrase safe and do not forget it. If your passphrase is lost or forgotten, your wallet will be permanently locked.

Unlock Wallet

Use the Unlock Wallet function to open your wallet’s lock using your passphrase. Once your wallet is unlocked, you can send funds or initiate transactions over the Glitch blockchain. 

Wallet Backup and Restore Wallet Backup

These functions are used to create an encrypted backup of your wallet address and to restore a wallet from an encrypted backup.