Startup Commands

Startup commands offer additional control and recovery options when launching your wallet. Before using startup commands, we recommend backing up your wallet file.

From the command line, enter ‘help \’ to see specific command documentation.

All Console Commands

In this section you will get detailed information of console commands. You can use "help \ to get specific command manual.

abandontransaction "txid"

Works on transactions not in the blockchain or mempool. Used in testing.


abandontransaction "txid"

Transaction not eligible for abandonment (code -5)


This command is used to stop a scanninf process, which may be triggered by commands such as importprivkey. Use abortrescan in another terminal or in the command prompt. The prompt will return ‘true’ when the scan has been stopped.


glitch-cli abortrescan


addmultisigaddress n required ["key",...] ( "account" "address_type" )

If you want to receive and send funds from a multi-signature address, run the addmultisigaddresscommand on two or more machines that will be signing.Be sure to backup your wallet.dat file. The result will be a Glitch address or hex-encoded public key.

After using this command, you must use importaddressto add the multi-signature address to each signing wallet using public keys.

This functionality is only intended for use with non-watch-only addresses.

addmultisigaddress 2


"address": "mHB9w64hHbm2YtCxyqS8kG3g77b2gbSvK",
"5321538ef45ab52bd5350800a03cfe82ebcaf0495asaas729e5ff2a5aeecdd4cdswada0ff03cf439 4ad4c578caf297ce937c3afba5bc56f31c786b2addf56c72ab"