Get Chain Tx Stats ( nblocks blockhash )

Compute statistics about the total number and rate of transactions in the chain, where the default "window" is the last one month.

  • "time" gives the Unix timestamp for the last block in the window.
  • "txcount" gives the total transactions from the launch of the blockchain.
  • "window_block_count" gives the number of blocks in the window (675 TX/day * 30 days).
  • "window_interval" gives the window length in seconds.
  • "txrate" gives the average transactions per second (TPS) in the window.
"time": 1540774144,
"txcount": 2361329,
"window_block_count": 20250,
"window_tx_count": 135311,
"window_interval": 2928224,
"txrate": 0.046209238091075