Get Staking Info

Returns staking-related information

  • "enabled": true means wallet launched for staking (command line option -staking=True)
  • "errors" gives errors report (rare)
  • "currentblocktx" gives count of transactions in a block mined by the wallet
  • "pooledtx" gives the number of unconfirmed transactions in mempool
  • "difficulty" gives the target difficulty PoS for the current block
  • "search-interval" gives the time in seconds from the wallet began staking.
  • "weight" gives the wallet weight in Satoshis, move the decimal point eight digits to the left to give these weights in units.
  • "netstakeweight" gives estimated network weight
  • "expected time" gives an expected time in second to get a block reward, getstakinginfo
"enabled": true,
"staking": true,
"errors": "",
"currentblocktx": 0,
"pooledtx": 2,
"difficulty": 4015.946428,
"search-interval": 86060,
"weight": 14809187425,
"netstakeweight": 1223334515242116,
"expectedtime": 17280