Import Private Key

importprivkey "glitchprivkey" ( "label" ) ( rescan )

Used to import private key in your wallet, it will rescan blockchain for transaction details and return "null" if successful.

importprivkey cThoERjbQ4d4TRMFA5YBGQggmpjSsBFLT1NXR18Fk16YBNd1kCVf



To imports funds without rescan blockchain. Its needed wallet must be included address or script before use this command.

Import Public Key

importpubkey "pubkey" ( "label" rescan )

This is same command as importaddress, but we use 66 hex character public key address as input here. On success it will return “null”.

importpubkey 0381d1ff2a371bc63bc14d32743a7741dc6a2993b8384dc3aa848332194bc85827