Format Account


An account includes an address and a public key

Address Format

  • Address format that the Glitch network use is SS58.

  • SS58 is a base-58 encoded value that can identify a specific account on the Glitch chain.

Public-Key Cryptography

Public-key cryptography is used in Glitch to provide a robust authentication system.

Glitch provides multiple cryptographic schemes and is generic such that it can support anything that implements the Pair trait.


Glitch provides an ECDSA signature scheme using the secp256k1 curve. This is the same cryptographic algorithm used to secure Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Ed25519 is an EdDSA signature scheme using Curve25519. It is carefully engineered at several design and implementation levels to achieve very high speeds without compromising security.


SR25519 is based on the same underlying curve as Ed25519. However, it uses Schnorr signatures instead of the EdDSA scheme.

Schnorr signatures bring some noticeable features over the ECDSA/EdDSA schemes:

  • It is better for hierarchical deterministic key derivations.

  • It allows for native multi-signature through signature aggregation.

  • It is generally more resistant to misuse.

One sacrifice made when using Schnorr signatures over ECDSA is that both require 64 bytes, but only ECDSA signatures communicate their public key.

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